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My great-grandfather, William Oliver "Ollie" Allen, Sr., was from Tavistock, Devon, England. He emigrated to Pennsylvania through the Port of New York on the RMS City of London on 24 Dec 1868, listed with his mother, brother, half-brother, and step-sister. From the ship's manifest (I have added the last names not shown on the manifest): Mary (Whitford Parnell Allen) Kellaway, 39 "wife", John (Parnell)19 "laborer", Richard (Allen) 17 "laborer", Emily (Kellaway?) 11 "child", Oliver (Allen) 9 "child". They may have settled first in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

My great-grandfather and his brother became coal miners, as did most of their sons and many of their grandsons, including my father, Harry Oliver Allen. My father left Pennsylvania for Detroit to work at Ford Motor Company around 1927. His parents, siblings, a few cousins, and many of his great-uncle Richard's family followed him to Detroit. Listed below are the descendants of Richard Allen (see 3rd generation) and below that the descendants of William "Ollie" Allen, Sr.

1st Generation: Richard Allen, copper miner, Ludvan, Cornwall (1805-1841). Richard married 24 Nov 1827 Elizabeth James (1806-?)

2nd Generation: Richard William Allen, copper miner, Kenwyn, Cornwall (1829 - ?). Richard married in January 1851 Mary (Maria) Whitford Parnell, a widow with two small sons, William H. & John Parnell. Mary’s parents were Thomas Whitford (1781-?) & Annekiah George (1790-?), and her maternal grandparents were Martin & Mary George.

3rd generation: Richard John Allen was born 29 Feb 1852 in Callington, Cornwall, England and died in South Fork, PA 27 Jan 1919. Richard married Elizabeth Smith. Elizabeth was born 14 May 1860 in Cornwall, England and died in Detroit, MI 11 Mar 1952.
Their children (4th generation):

Mary E. "Mamie" b. 1879
Lillie b. 1881 m. John Hall
Richard John Jr. 1886-1971 m. Edna Yates **Karen Krich's great-grandparents**
Pearl b. 1887 m. Thomas McNertney
John (d young)
Jennie (d. young)
William John b. 1890 m. Florence Garland
Oliver John b. 1893 m. Rhoda Koontz
Alma M. b 1895 m. (1) Francis Kirtley, (2) William Pritchard, (3) William Logan
Melvin S. b. 1900 m. Lottie Oakley Schuelke
James Albert "Albert" b. 1904 d. 1965, m. Louise Newlan

My Family Line:
3rd generation: William Oliver "Ollie" Allen was born 23 July 1858 in Tavistock, Devon, England, the second son of Richard William Allen & Mary Whitford Parnell; and he died in South Fork, PA 12 Dec 1917. He married 1880 Houtzdale, PA, Isabelle McKenzie (daughter of William McKenzie & Catherine Scott), born 13 June 1864 in Houtzdale, PA and died in Johnstown, PA 10 July 1937.
Their children (4th generation):

William Oliver Jr. b. 1881 m. Bessie Quinn -- **my grandparents**
Richard E. b. 1883 married Ruby McKillop
Wilbert Daniel "Daniel" b. 1884 m. Grace _____
John "Jack" b. 1886 m. Janette Henderson
Lee Roy "Roy" b. 1888 m. Nora Shaffer-Boyer
David b. 1890 m. Grace Gregory
Herbert Victor b. 1894 m. Dorothy Baker
Isabelle, b.? died from "black diptheria" at age 5 years
Bessie b ? died from "take-off" (or diptheria?) at age 11 months
Isabelle "Belle," b. 1897 m. (1) Howard Hesketh, (2) Thomas R. Lewis
Kathryn Marjorie,b. 1905 m. William Bowers

The research on the early Cornish generations was done by Karen Krich
If you are a descendant of Richard John Allen, Karen would love to hear from you.

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