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My Couperthwaite family is descended from John Couperthwaite and Agnes Love; and my Forsyth family is descended from David Macllen* Forsyth and Sarah Elizabeth Dickson, all of whom emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland and settled their families in Snowshoe, Centre County, Pennsylvania 3 July 1870

Family tradition says that my ancestor, Benjamin Couperthwaite, was born and reared in Manchester, England; and as a young man, he traveled to Scotland. He married Matilda McDougall of the Isle of Skye; and they lived in Glasgow where he was employed in the Glasgow shipyards.

Three children were born to this union: John, Mariah (died young), and Benjamin.
John Couperthwaite married Agnes Love, the daughter of Francis Love and Charlotte Colquhoun (Calhoun) and they immigrated to Pennsylvania, USA in 1870. Benjamin Couperthwaite, Jr. and his family stayed in Glasgow. Mariah Couperthwaite (daughter of Benjamin, Jr.) later immigrated to Christ Church, South Island, New Zealand. Another member of the Couperthwaite family, William Calderwood Couperthwaite, immigrated to England in 1891; and his younger brother, John Grey Wilson Couperthwaite, immigrated to South Africa in 1913.

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Couperthwaite-Love Families:

1st generation:

2nd generation (children of Matilda):

3rd generation:

Children of Benjamin Couperthwaite, Jr. of Glasgow, Scotland: Children of John Couperthwaite and Agnes Love of Scotland & Houtzdale, PA:

Forsyth Family:

1st Generation:

David Macllen* Forsyth m. Margret MacDonald Henderson

2nd Generation:

David Macllen Forsyth, Jr. m. Sarah "Elizabeth" Dickson.

3rd Generation:

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My Family:
Thomas Dickson Forsyth b. 28 Oct 1860 Glasgow, Scotland,
married 1877, Charlotte Love Couperthwaite b. 23 Dec 1860
Glasgow, Scotland, d. 11 Feb 1917 Cresson, PA.

4th generation:

*This name was spelled "Macllen" in a letter written by my great-grandfather Thomas Forsyth (aka "T.D." or "Dad")--the correct spelling is under investigation, possibly MacCallum, MacLellan, MacClellan, or MacAllen
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