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England 1605 and Massachusetts 1634

1st generation:
Thomas Hastings (1605-85) emigrated from England on the "Elizabeth" to Watertown, MA 1634, m. Margaret Cheney (daughter of William Cheney & Margaret Cule)

2nd generation:
Dr. Thomas Hastings (1651-1712) m. 1678 Anna Hawkes (daughter of John Hawkes & Elizabeth Browne), Hatfield, MA

3rd generation:
Dr. Thomas Hastings (1679-1728) m. 1701 Mary Field (daughter of John Field & Mary Edwards), Hatfield, MA

4th generation:
Dr. Waitstill Hastings (1714-1748) m. 1736 Abigail Marsh (daughter of John Marsh & Hannah Barnard and great-granddaughter of Governor John Webster of Connecticut), Hatfield, MA

5th generation:
Honorable John Hastings (1738-1811) Magistrate of Hatfield, MA and Delegate of the 3rd Provincial Congress, m. Content Little (Mayflower descent: John Alden, Priscilla Mullin, and Richard Warren)

New York 1792? -- Pennyslvania 1800? -- Ohio 1810

6th generation:
Dr. Waitstill Hastings b. Hatfield, MA 1771, d. Parkertown, OH 1860. m. Lucinda Wood in German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY circa 1796 (daughter of Nathan Wood & Jane Strong); Children:
Waitstill Hastings, Jr. m. Permilla Carr
John Hastings, died 1812 aged 12
Ephraim Hastings m. Sarah Parker
Samuel Hastings m. Lois Crippin
Joel "Joe" Hastings m. 1) Eleanor McCord; 2) Sarah Elton;
3) Elizabeth Warren
An unknown son, possibly James Hastings but not proven
Lyman Hastings m. Emeline Stebbins
Lansford Warren Hastings (see below)

7th generation:
Ephraim Hastings (1803-1884)m. Sarah Parker (daughter of Andress Parker & Unknown), Parkertown, Ohio; Children:
Waitstill Greene Hastings m. Nancy Elizabeth Hannum
Daniel Ephraim Hastings m. Katherine Cunningham
George S. Hastings m. Margaret Paxton
Lansford Hastings m. Elisabeth Wright
James Hannum Hastings m. Mary Martha Kershner
William S. Hastings m. Alice Peters
Andrew Jackson Hastings m.1) Barbara ____; m. 2) Minnie Geoff
Charles Wesley Hastings m. Sarah Jane Amsden

8th generation:
Charles Wesley Hastings (1847-1911) m. Sarah Jane Amsden (daughter of Thomas Amsden & Asceneth Snyder); Children:
Aubrey Ephraim Hastings
Lionel LeRoy "Roy" Hastings
Shannon Dorville "Dorr" Hastings
Leeman Wesley Hastings

Michigan 1882

9th generation:
Lionel LeRoy Hastings (1876-1945) m. Laura Gertrude Cowles (daughter of George Cowles & Malinda Wilcox; granddaughter of Alfred Cowles/Matilda Jennings & Elijah Wilcox/Helen Boardman); Children:
Marguerite Hastings
Lawrence LeRoy Hastings

10th generation:
Lawrence LeRoy Hastings (1911-1963) m. Bernice Leona Barrett (daughter of John Barrett & Catherine Patton; granddaughter of John Barrett/Margaret Donahue & Samuel Patton/Elizabeth Houseworth)

Our most famous family member is

Lansford Warren Hastings

He was born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio c. 1819, the brother of Ephraim Hastings and the youngest of eight sons born to Dr. Waitstill Hastings and Lucinda Wood. The Hastings family fled to Mt. Vernon from their northern Ohio home after the 1812 Hull Surrender to escape the Indians; and they returned to their home in Erie County by 1820.

Lansford wrote "The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California" published in Cincinnati in 1845-- the guidebook used by the disasterous Donner Party Expedition in 1846. Of course I believe that, while Lansford was undoubtably ambitious and egotistical, he was hardly the self-serving, unscrupulous person described by many historians; and I believe he was unfairly blamed for the Donner Party's troubles.

Lansford was also a business partner of John Sutter, a lawyer and judge in Sacramento, and a Major in the Confederate Army (the only one of his family to support the Confederacy).

After the war, he helped found a Confederate refuge in Brazil and his new guidebook, "The Emigrants' Guide to Brazil," was published in 1866. Lansford reportedly died at sea enroute to Brazil in 1870 (possibly of yellow fever at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands). He m. 1) Catherine McCord; 2) Charlotte Toler; 3) Janice "Jennie" Mendenhall.

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The Hastings' family's Mayflower Ancestry:

ALDEN LINE: John Alden m. Priscilla Mullin, their daughter
Elizabeth Alden m. William Pabodie/Peabody, their daughter
Rebecca Pabodie m. William Southworth, their daughter
Elizabeth Southworth m. David Little,
their son was Ephraim Little

WARREN/LITTLE LINE: Richard Warren m. Elizabeth ____, their daughter
Anna Warren m. Thomas Little, their son
Ephraim Little m. Mary Sturtevant, their son
David Little m. Elizabeth Southworth, their son
Ephraim Little m. Elizabeth Woodbridge, their daughter
Content Little m. Honorable John Hastings of Hatfield, MA
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