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My Howe family is descended from Edward and Elizabeth Howe who emigrated from England
19 September 1635 on the "Truelove" and settled in Lynn, MA.

Edward and Elizabeth Howe of Lynn had these children, and probably more: Jeremiah, Joseph, Sarah, Ephraim, Isaac, William. I am descended from Edward through his son Isaac Howe.


1st generation:
Edward Howe m. Elizabeth _____


2nd generation:
Isaac Howe m. ___________
3rd generation:
Nathaniel Howe m. Elizabeth ______

(Thought to be a sister of John Bower/Bowers)

4th generation:
John Howe m. Comfort Finch (daughter of Abraham Finch)
5th generation:
John Howe m. Martha _____

New York State

6th generation:
Jesse Howe m. Elizabeth Spurbeck

(he was a Revolutionary soldier from Dutchess Co., NY)

7th generation:
Cyrenius Howe m. Sarah Tyrell
8th generation:
Jesse Howe m. Sarah Jackson


9th generation:
John Isaac Howe m. Esther Cease McClellan
10th generation:
John Britton Howe m. Alice Frances Keller

(daughter of Gotlieb Keller & Elizabeth Wentzel)

11th generation:
Edward Munson Howe m. Ella Amelia Forsyth

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