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My Keller family is descended from Gotlieb Keller (1821-1895), a tailor who emigrated to Pennsylvania from Wurttemburg, Germany in 1846.

According to the "History of Centre & Clinton Counties," by John Blair Linn, 1883, at that time Gotlieb Keller owned a tailor shop on Water Street in Beech Creek Borough, PA. He was married to Elisabeth Wentzel (possibly born in Prussia, died 1880 in Philipsburg, PA). Their daughter Alice Frances Keller was my great-grandmother. Their other children were Henry (Harry), who died in 1875, a daughter Anna (nothing known), and another daughter Mary (Molly), who married a Mr. Longworth, moved to California, and had one daughter who never married. Alice Frances Keller was born in Beech Creek, PA 5 Jan 1857. She married John Brittin Howe. Alice died 18 December 1933 in Windber, PA.
Virginia L., 1875-1969, never married.
Steven, died young
Ann, 1879-1959, m. John Baker, no children.
Harry J., 1880-1965, never married
Edward Munson Howe m. Ella Amelia Forsyth-- my grandparents
Harvey E., 1885-1945, m. ?, no children
Zelda Fay Fury, 1889-1969, m. William T. Geddes, no children
Permelia, 1892-1943, m. Michael Lloyd, no children
Clarissa, 1899-1976, m. George Estep, no children

Gotlieb & Elisabeth Keller and John and Alice Keller Howe are buried in the Philipsburg Cemetery, Philipsburg, PA. John & Alice Howe's children are all buried in the Richland Cemetery, Johnstown, PA.

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