McKenzie/MacKenzie/Bates Family Genealogy

Researched by Louise Allen Hastings

1st Generation: William McKenzie married Catherine Scott.

    Children 2nd Generation:

    1. William "Pop" McKenzie married Jane Wiseman. They owned the St. Cloud Hotel in Houtzdale, PA which was previously owned by "Pop's" mother and step-father, Joseph & Catherine Bates.

    Children 3rd Generation:

      a. William (a physician, Baltimore, MD) m. Estelle ____

      b. Kathryn, (Canton, PA) m. Ted Beam

      c. Charlotte (Havertown, PA) m. Claude Faulkner

      d. Grace (Johnstown, PA) married Henry C. Frank

      e. Sadie (Rockville, MD) m. Jack Wisner

      f. Mildred (Folsom, PA) m. Samuel Pancoast

      g. Frances (Philipsburg, PA) m. Nathan Pearson

      h. Robert (Canton, PA) m. Hazel _____

    2. Alexander, b. 26 Mar 1857, d. 3 Dec 1910, m. Margaret Bates, bd. Morris Run

    Children 3rd Generation:

      a. William, b. 25 Dec 1879, d. 7 Sept 1969, a bachelor

      b. John, b. 19 May 1882, d. 19 Nov 1907, a bachelor, killed in mine cave-in

      c. Alex[ander], b. 16 Dec 1884, d. 24 Dec 1968, a dentist, m. Edna Lloyd

        (1). Doris, married ____ Alexander

        (2). Margaret Jane, married ____ Sunderland

      d. Harriet Grace, b. 12 Sept 1887, d. 12 Feb 1969

      e. Caroline "Carrie," B. 22 Mar 1890, d. 1 Nov 1978, m. Jacob Teichman

      f. Kathryn, b. 30 Sept 1894, m. 1920 Daniel Grant

      Children 4th Generation

        (1). Christine, b. 12 Oct 1921, m. Aug 1945 Donald Brieland

        Children 5th Generation

          (a). Lisa (adopted)

          (b). daughter, b. 25 Oct 1959

          The Brielands live in Chicago

        (2). William, b. 21 June 1923, m. 23 June 1951 Barbara Tutko

        They live in the Alexander McKenzie homestead, Houtzdale, PA

          (a). James Edward, b. 16 Oct 1958

      g. Lois Emma, b. 25 may 1897, m. 19 June 1924 Leonard Smeal

      (He died the day after Thanksgiving, 1966)

        (1). Robert Leonard, b.20 Oct 1925, m. 1 June 1950 Dorothy Harter

          (a). Margaret Ann, b. 11 Sept 1952

          (b). Robert Leonard II, b. 31 Oct 1955

      h. Vindetta, b. 6 Mar 1901, d. 28 Feb 1972

    3. Kathryn, married Daniel Randall (Aunt Kathryn Bowers named after her)

      a. Gertrude, married Dan Landon

      b. Josephine, married Walter Good, owned store in Elmira, NY

        (1). son, attended West Point

          (a). son, surgeon at Ogden Hospital, Elmira, NY

      c. Wayne

      d. Ollie [probably Oliver, named after William Oliver "Ollie" Allen, Sr.]

      e. Lydia

      f. Tom [probably Thomas]

    4. Isabelle, b. Houtzdale, 13 June 1864, m. William Oliver Allen Sr. 1880

    Bates Family Genealogy

    1st Generation: Joseph Bates married (1) Harriet Eden.

      Children 2nd Generation:

      1. Caroline Bates

      2. Ruth Bates

      3. Margaret Bates, b.22 Aug 1861, d. 21 May 1951, m. Alexander McKenzie

      4. Edwin Bates

      5. Possibly others

    Joseph Bates married (2) Catherine Scott McKenzie (widow of William McKenzie). They owned the St. Cloud Hotel in Houtzdale, PA

      Children 2nd Generation

      1. James Bates, married Carrie Devine.

        Children 3rd Generation:

        a. James, Jr. married Margaret France

        b. James III ? [not logical, but is what I was told by the McKenzies]

        c. David

Page updated February 26, 2000

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