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England and Massachusetts

1st generation:
Samuel Morse (1587-1654) b. Dedham, England, m. Elizabeth ______,
He d. 1654 Dedham, MA

2nd generation:
Daniel Morse (1613-1688) b. England, m. Lydia Fisher,
He d. 1688 Sherborn, MA
3rd generation:
Daniel Morse (1640-1702) b. Sherborn, MA, m. Elizabeth Barbour,
He d. 1702 MA
4th generation:
Noah Morse (1681-1717/8) b. Medfield, MA, m. Mary Johnson,
He d. 1717-8 Sherborn, MA

Massachusetts and Connecticut

5th generation:
Cyprian Morse (1712-1795) b. Sherborn, MA, m. 2) Zerviah Cady,
He d. 1795 Stafford, CT
6th generation:
Chester Morse (1750-1819) b. Killingly, CT, m. 2) Rachel Wood,
He d. 1819 Westfield, MA

Connecticut and New York State

7th generation:
Lyman Morse (1803-?) b. 1803 CT?, m. Rachel Hazard
& moved to Groton, NY, d. ?

New York State and Wisconsin

8th generation:
Horace Morse (1834- ?) b. 1834 Groton, NY, m. Lydia Mead 1857 Dekorah, WI, d. ?

Wisconsin, Iowa, and California

9th generation:
Herbert Clifton Morse, b. at Hamden, WI, 13 Dec 1869,
m. Maude Janette Smith at Lake City, Iowa on 13 June 1894,
he d. 2 June 1957.
Their children were:
Wilfred Horace Morse, b. 17 Jan 1896, d. 25 March 1955
Harold Marcus Morse, b. 27 March 1897, d. 29 Oct 1898
Baby Morse, b. 3 Oct 1901 -- died at birth
Madeline Maude Morse, b. 4 Nov 1904, d. 9 June 1967
Clifton Eugene Morse, b. 18 Sept 1906, d. 24 Jan 1999
10th generation:
Clifton Eugene Morse, b. 18 Sept 1906 at Santa Ana, CA, m. Roberta Jane Packman 17 Oct 1933 at Glendale, CA.

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